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Welcome to Interdean, the International Relocation Services Company

Interdean provides relocation services to suit the needs of companies who relocate their employees to locations throughout Europe or around the world.

Interdean’s relocation services are designed specifically to support the person who is relocating, their family and the company’s relocation programme. Last year Interdean, as part of the Santa Fe Group, helped over 110,000 families, expatriates and international assignees to relocate overseas.

Our Core Relocation Services

We provide Immigration, Relocation, Moving and Expense Management. Our services support both companies that are looking to transfer their employees around the world and the relocating employee.

Own Offices

Interdean provides own office coverage of Europe, and as part of the Santa Fe Group, we have offices and own staff across the world, ready to service you and your business. This means we have highly skilled own staff, on the ground, ready to provide local level support.

Consistently High Quality Services Worldwide

Our services are ISO9001 certified and our international moving services are FIDI FAIM Plus accredited. Our best practices such as The Academy training programme, Perfect Relocation standard and ISIS technology mean that we are able to provide a consistent and high standard of service for every relocation and assignment we handle between every location worldwide.

Sustainable Relocation Services

Our Respect CSR programme ensures that our international relocation services are conducted in a way that ensures sustainability. Our international moving and relocation services comply to environmental best practice and are ISO14001 certified. We operate in a way that ensures the health and safety of everyone involved are not compromised and comply to the OHSAS18001 international standard. We are also part of the UN Global Compact, which means that we are held accountable to a high level of ethical standards.

International Moving and Relocation Services since 1959

Interdean International Relocation was established in 1959. As part of the Santa Fe Group we have offices in 56 countries worldwide and employ over 3,150 international relocation services staff.

Part of the Santa Fe Group

Interdean is a part of the Santa Fe Group, providing global employee mobility services and workplace solutions worldwide.

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Santa Fe Relocation

Visit our sister company site for relocation services across Australia, Pacific, Asia and the Middle East.

Global Peace of Mind

Round the clock relocation support for Our customers around the world. Read more

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